Well, this seems to be working okay. For all my friends coming to my new website, this is it, this is where you can find me online now. Especially since I’ve been missing in action online a lot lately.

I’ve moved to Florida, for those who don’t know. Somehow I’ve hoodwinked my employers into making me a legitimate executive. My title is Interim-CFO, and the plan is once we hire someone who actually has some qualifications to be a real CFO, I’m going to be moved into the CTO position, which is something I’m a bit more qualified for.

You can message me and write me and I’ll usually get around to answering with a modicum of decent timing. I generally work about 16-20 hours a day, since this is a relatively new enough company to qualify for start-up status (or at least understaffed-status).

I’m tired and I’ve got work to get back to, but I wanted to put some real content into the blogger, so here it be.

my aim name is: rzndourdn

my yim name is: rizzn.geo

see ya


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