I was going to call FuzzOnWall tonight, but I didn’t get the chance. And I doubt that she’ll appreciate a phone call around 2:30am. Hrmm. I must make a committment to do so tomorrow, otherwise she’ll just think I’m some sortof flake. Which I’m not. More of a nut, I am. Definately not a flake.

My days are blurs. The company is navigating its last stretch of shakey ground right now. After we pull through this bit and come out on top, I can start telling the story of the company with a little bit of levity. If I tried to tell it right now, it would only come out all cynical.

Today though, hrmm, I was working on my super secret project of the moment, and I must say, I am very impressed with the abilities of my researchers, and I’m very impressed by their sense of responsibility and diligence. I hope I’m able to reward them very soon.

Right now I’m tired as fsck and I want to sleep, but I’ve many miles to go before I do so and then in a few hours, it all begins again.

Finally, I am now noticing, my entries are getting to be of a more respectable size. Soon, readers (all two of you[ha, as if there were even that many]), you will see me get back into the swing of things and actually write things worth reading. Until then, as you were.


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