Strider and I were typing notes back and forth while we were listening to one side of the conference call with our super wonderful investor. I was paging through my artwork gallery, and I noticed that my “JBM Logo” art thingy had some writing written in reverse, so I copied it to the ol’ clipboard, flipped it around, and lo and behold, I see a name I haven’t seen in a while: Benjamin Protas. It’s an intergroup development memo regarding our OS Overlay we were working on in our nerd club back in highschool.

Below is excerpted from the little note I typed to Strider.

we came up with this idea for an OS overlay that had a built in online service into it. It was amazinly like windows 95, but it was conceptualized by a bunch of highschoolers … in 1994-1995. and of course, 95 didn’t come out til’ 96.

Unfortunately, like most development projects undertaken by highschoolers, it was left off just short of completion.

it was going to be cool.

In other news, we actually got the conference call going and it’s wrapping up, and it looks like all is somehow, somewhat more whole.

Film at 11.