This is yet another day of waiting. I just want to say this now and forevermore: Billionaires suck. Millionaires aren’t that much cooler.

They procrastinate. They put you off. They have much more important things to do. For all the money they have, I have yet to meet one that has a head for business. Am I that egotistical to expect those who do business on the millions of dollars level with me to at least have as much business sense as I do? How the hell do they get to be this rich if they are unable to perform when it’s balls to walls time?

Seriously, folks. I may not have the best resume in making companies turn into multi-million dollar successes. I’ve had my share of failures. But DAMNIT I am not guilty of continually snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like these multi-million dollars morons I have to work with. Absolutely re-frie-diculous.

I’m done. For now.