I was shown the most disgusting face of the law today. An angry customer threatened me and my staff personally, so I called the police when the customer showed up. The police get here, and on the phone they say they will escort the guy off the premises on the first offense of trespassing, and on the second offense, arrest him. When the police actually got here, they sat here and tried to arbitrate the conflict like they had the liberty to do so, meanwhile shutting down operations of all of our business, not letting us answer the phones, and preventing us from contacting our attourneys.

I was livid, but I kept my calm, as difficult as it was, given that when I told the police of the threats leveled against us, they just laughed in our face, taking this asshole customer’s side.

What the hell can you do in a situation like that? I’m losing money by the minute as I’m unable to conduct business, I have a fellow that swore “on his children’s lives and with his hand to God that he was going to blow a hole in each one of our faces as well as blow up the building.”

Unbelievable. Completely untennable! What do you do? Call the cops?

“Hello, police? Yes, I have three uniforms in my house as well as a man threatening my life, and I want them out now.”

The moral? I don’t know, I guess the moral is to leave the country and move to a place where it’s legal to kill or restrain people that intrude on your property.


So I’m gonna stick around with Russ and be a mentor

With a few rhymes so muthafuggas

Remember where the thought is

I brought all this

So you can survive when law is lawless

Feelings, sensations that you thought were dead

No squealing, remember

(that it’s all in your head)


– Gorillaz : Clint Eastwood

In other news, if you are being ignored by me, do not take it personally. I’ve been so busy, it’s insane. Trust me on this, I’m no ducking anyone’s calls.