Today looked better from the other side. Or perhaps it was that it couldn’t look any worse from where it was last night at this time. I don’t know which it is, all I do know is that things on this rollercoaster ride are heading back upwards, and as per usual, I’m not going to question it, only roll with it’s momentum.

It is my goal here as an executive at this company to impose my order on the chaos. When I walked into this situation, it was pure pandemonium. The company was in a downward tailspin, but nobody could even tell.

Well, now we are more in what you’d call a controlled dive. And if my estimations are correct, we’ve levelled off our descent and are beginning our upward climb as of today. We’ve been trying to pull out of the stall for the last three weeks, and to be honest, I don’t think we could possibly continue to fall at all without the whole thing crashing and burning.

But we are upwardly ascending now. We have quadroupled the size of our financial backing, and this time, for real, it looks as if it is going to be in place by Friday. Granted, from our financial projected losses, the first $800,000 we make in profits, it has to go to paying off our damages incurred within the last two months — but presuming my financial projections are anywhere near on target, that should only account for a maximum of 2% of our years net earnings.

We just have to pull out of our stall. I think it’s done. I think we are facing upward now. A few more days like today, and I think I will feel secure in my future. God help me make the right decisions, because if we’ve come this far and I end up fscking it up, now wouldn’t that just suck.

I had some paragraphs here about how humbling it is to be in my position here at the company, but then I re-read them, and they seemed like so much bullsh!te and boasting that I had to delete them. My ego will only let me go so far sometimes.

It’s frickin’ 3:00am. I’m going to sleep.

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