I wrote an email to my president today regarding the following quote: “I should just fire everyone but [Strider] and start over with a new staff.”

The email contained the quote and the following:

“I understand that what you said was probably out of frustration or perhaps even in jest, as I did not hear the quote first hand, but I do want to make clear that this is untenable: the idea that my job is not secure here. Furthermore, I do not wish to ever hear that I may be fired so that you may start over with a new crew.”

“The last time my job security was threatened in such a manner, I left immediately with two hours notice. I didn’t even do what I was legally entitled to do, which was to take my code with me; I left it behind and left an offer on the table that allowed for my continued work on the project to be contracted for at my normal rate of $74/hour with a minimum contract of fifteen hours a week. They declined to continue my employment there, but it took four full-time programmers that had to be paid on the same scale I was just to figure out what my code did, and an additional programmer to continue my work from there. The company was a startup like ours, and with a setback like that has still has been unable to accomplish its goals without someone like myself on their staff anymore.”

“This is not a threat; this is simply a statement of fact. I want you to understand that I’m an integral part of the team, and I can take a lot of guff, but this is one bit of guff that even in jest I do not take lightly. It is both because I understand that tensions run high in this office most of the time that I didn’t take your words seriously this time and out of respect to Rick and the burden he’d be left with if I went with my first instinct and quit on the spot. I feel a line has to be drawn as this sort of slam to my dignity is a hot-button issue for me.”

The president replied:

“Mark: You are a turkey. Whether because or in spite of which, you have been grafted – or drafted – into a family – not a business. High handed & thin skinned bull shit is something we both need to endure from one another in the course of very frustrating circumstances. Questioning my commitment to you is even less tenable than your feeling threatened to begin with.”

“Being part of a dysfunctional family may not always be fun. But, in my life, it IS unconditional. I even put up with Matthew. So, cut the shit and keep working.”

Rabbi “Dad”

Quote of the Entry: “i just saw a teaser for the upcoming news that stated an enraged father in south florida took his son’s life & then his own… matthew’s still alive, right? :D”


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