I hated the old design.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. But I wasn’t fond of it. So there’s this. Why did I decide to do this? Simple. I was writing a really long good article on SoBiG and Blaster, my computer crashed, and I ended up losing about 4 hours worth of research. After having cursed the gods of machinery for a few minutes, I decided to stop crying over spilt milk and do something else somewhat productive. So here you have it. A much more modular, less graphics intensive, more cluttered design than ever. It even has trapped white space! Gotta love it.

Anyways. enjoy. Some of the buttons won’t work so well for a couple days, but never fear, I will soonish get them working.

Fuzzonwall: POST! I can’t quote you if you don’t write.

Dirty: you too!

swordsaintzero: Where’s your site?

Anyone Else: What do you think? Like the site? Hate it? Lemme know.


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