Timeline: Bush on 9/11 :: Memes.org :: Memes are Mind Viruses (my copy): “The New York Times points out that flight controllers learn Flight 77 has been hijacked ‘within a few minutes’ of 8:48. [New York Times, 9/15/01 (C)] Is Bush and his aides putting on a charade to pretend he doesn’t know there is a national emergency? If so, why?”

This has got to be the most interesting account of an American President’s day. It’s tedious at times to read around all the date and bibliographic material, but read it all the same. It’s informative and interesting.

My only observation is that in a couple places it places Dubya’s motives in question based on some words he says, and tries to pin him down on it. Obviously, to me at any rate, it isn’t where he was at or his motives that should be in question, but his words. This is, after all, the only president I know of we’ve had here in America that in the first year of his presidency there were three books out already on the social and oral faux pax’s he’s made (not to mention the only president I know of who scored a 600 on his SAT’s).


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