Adrian Lamo Charged With HackingThis is a repost from Slashdot, but I think it warrants reposting. It also warrants mentioning that under the new patriot act he will serve a mandatory life sentence in prison if convicted.

Posted by CowboyNeal on Saturday September 06, @10:41AM

from the high-profile-hacking dept.

retro128 writes “Drifting around the US from state-to-state, Adrian Lamo has been making news for some time with his ‘White Hat’ hacking exploits. His highest-profile hacking has included Excite@Home and Yahoo. After he would break into a network, he would call up those in charge of it and help them fix the holes. So far, it has earned him praise from the administrators of those systems, but now SecurityFocus is carrying the story that the FBI has filed charges against him, and currently has his parents’ house staked out. The records are sealed, so nobody knows who is responsible, but Lamo suspects the New York Times initiated the investigation when they found out how deep into their system he got.”

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