Jupitermedia – A Target of the SOBIG.F Worm – “Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced that it was a target of the latest variant of the disruptive Sobig worm, the Sobig.F. The Sobig.F worm contains a forged e-mail header listing admin@internet.com as the sender. Jupitermedia Corporation, publisher of the internet.com Network, is not the sender or source of this worm, but rather is a victim like many other companies and individuals. Jupitermedia has contacted law enforcement and is working closely with them and others in the private sector to try to put a stop to this worm. Anyone with information regarding the source of this worm can contact security@jupitermedia.com or the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force at 718-840-1220.”

Nothing spectacular about this news item. It’s actually a little bit old. But since I’m all about the SoBig virus coverage, I figured I’d post it.

Interesting pieces of information that can be gleaned from this article — the SS’s Electronic Crimes Task Force Telephone number (718-840-1220).


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