– Nanoclass warfare dispatch: “”My unabashed cheerleading over nanotechnology’s amazing potential aside, I’m not really a nanotech advocate or detractor. That would be akin to staking out a position “for” or “against” the eventual arrival of October. I am certain of its inevitability.

But I do possess a naive optimism in our ability to prepare for the changing season based on weather patterns of the past. This Reuters story (my copy) presents a balance between the nano optimists and pessimists. As I’ve written (my copy) before (my copy), now is the time to pay attention and make the right decisions to ensure nanotechnology develops in a responsible way.”

Very insightful. Of course I’m only saying this because it’s something I’d say about nanotechnology.

A lot of my views on nanotech is based off the writings of Ray Kurzweil. He’s a genius in his own right, and an amazingly accurate predictor of technology trends.

One day, we’ll all be foglets, and you people will say, “Okay, Rizzn, you were right. Let us all now worship at your feet and thank you for your insight.”

Just for reference — you don’t have to worship me, but you can make with the thanking anytime you want.


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