Here’s what’s on my mind right now.

I am single.

I don’t really want to be single.

My attempts to date have been largely unsuccessful since I’ve moved to SoFla. I think a big part of it is that I’m not networking enough. I do spend somewhere around 20 hours a day, six to seven days a week, in the office.

Additionally, I don’t know anyone other than my employees and my employees friends. This normally wouldn’t be a problem except for most of my employees are male, which makes them undatable, and the one that is female is attached to someone who is not me, thereby making her not in the running.

I have been on a couple dates since I’ve been here, and I’ve gotten a few phone numbers since I’ve been here. More or less, the girls I pick up end up liking Matthew (in a couple cases) or moving to some other part of the country (in about three cases).

The girls I have become friends with since I’ve moved here are the type of girls who mostly hang out with guys, which is fun for them, I s’pose, but not good for meeting other girls.

So I turn to you, my loyal tens of readers… I turn to you for help. Help me find someone who is a sexy, intelligent, possibly even tall girl in the South Florida area interested in dating a moderately successful startup executive who is extremely geeky in nature and sexy sexy man (according to ALL the lay-deez).

Go! Do this! Report back!


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