I had a fscked up dream last night:

<lifelike> what did you dream?

<riz> wacky wacky stuff:

<riz> I was walking through what I distinctly knew to be a highschool, although I’d never been there before.

<riz> I walked thru a locker filled hallway, and thru a classroom of some sort of dance class (lots of girls — i didn’t stop though).

<riz> out to where some olympic sized pools were, and into the parking lot.

<riz> the whole time I had the distinct impression that I was being followed, but my stalker was not able to be spotted.

<riz> it must have been after or between classes, because there weren’t a lot of people around.

<lifelike> ok

<riz> Anyways, by the time I get into the parking lot I spot the guy.

<riz> And he jumps into this early 80’s lincoln or caddy and tries to run me over.

<riz> then I start pulling all these jackie chan moves, jumping over the car and bouncing off of fences and stuff.

<riz> the guy gets pissed off and comes out of the car at me with a gun.

<lifelike> cripes

<riz> he’s got me pinned down next to this building near the track.

<riz> I realize I have a gun, so I pull it on him.

<lifelike> hah

<lifelike> OH YEAH

<riz> He thinks it is a bb gun, so he’s all like shut up and throw down the gun.

<riz> I remember having to fiddle with the safety.

<riz> and once i get it figured out, i pump the sucka full of lead.

<riz> he looked very surprised as he died.

<riz> and then I woke up.

<riz> the only thing I remember about the fellow is that he had a sortof a crewcut.

<riz> but that’s it.

<lifelike> [rizzn]

<lifelike> that’s pretty fucked up.