SecurityFocus HOME News: Lamo released, banned from computers: “The 22-year-old was without the backpack that he usually carries, containing a change of clothes and the laptop computer with which he’s hacked some of America’s largest corporations. ‘What backpack?,’ he quipped. ‘I lost it. It fell off a bridge.’ “

Call me out of touch, but I really didn’t know much about Lamo until he hit the news just recently. But like a good little hacker, I will support him, because from what I’ve read about the guy, you don’t get more white hat than him.

This fellow hacks into stuff, then calls up the SysAdmins and tells them how to fix it.

To put this in comic book terms, in the Marvel Universe, he’d be an XMan, where Kevin Mitnick would be a Brotherhood.

Anyways they’ve put up a website for him, predictably called I’m gonna plug the hell out of it. Hackers don’t deserve prison time.

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