Well, it’s 2:30am, and the real work for the day is beginning.

I just open negotiations for two new ventures.

One is my Aircraft Project. VMPI stands to make as much as 30 million dollars off it’s share in the next round of funding for the project, of which I personally get to see near half of that.

So that is interesting. And potentially profitable. The negotiations, on the downside, could take as much as a couple months to proceed. Meaning I’m going to need to look for money to live off in the mean time. I really don’t want to get a day job — it will really take away from my focus — and for some reason I have a lot of it right now.

And I opened negotiations with a fellow who lives in my building to engineer a takeover of a bio-engineering firm. For future reference I will call this the Bio Project.

Let me say this: you will likely not find a bigger geek than I (Lish gives me a run for my money though). But even I get bored when the talks get down to the nitty gritty on how these chemical reactions stuff works. I really need a chemist or biologist nerd to come along beside me and sweep in with the hard hitting questions.

But at any rate, this sounds like a lucrative offer, and I could stand to make as much as a million or two dollars in the name of RisczMarc Holdings if this thing goes over well — this would not be a bad thing. It’s going to be a long negotiation. There’s a lot of business and preperation to take place, so it’s going to be a long road to hoe on that.

Meanwhile, I’m still assembling all the evidence for this case against Tony (the embezzler).

I’m going to make the MP3’s of all the phone conversations we’ve had with him available for download and also make the CD’s purchasable from a CafePress store so if somehow this whole situation gets turned around, the evidence is still out in the open.

Plus, if I can make a couple bucks off of Tony’s assinine mistakes, I wouldn’t mind it.

Also, as a favor to my buddy and co-worker Rick, I would like to relay his formal recusation of himself in all this, supported by my full agreement. He and I have put blood, sweat, tears, and our own necks on the line for this company. Anything that went wrong rests squarely on the shoulders of James Anthony Wimmer. Rick Rice and myself are completely blameless in this. We didn’t steal $250,000 from the company. We didn’t co-mingle funds. We didn’t sell the same product more than once. We simply tried to straighten the messes out, and unfortunately due to our hands being authoritatively tied and being poured into the situation too late, we were unable to fix it.

That is all for this evening. As you were.