Okay, I’m going to try the w.Bloggar test again. And I’ll put some real content here, since I know it works.

I’m going to have to make peace with Lish again. Rabbi kept Strider and I out from 8:45pm until 2:00am doing absolutely nothing! We were going out under the auspices of grabbing a bite to eat from Burger King, and we have to stop at three different grocery stores for an hour a piece, plus the restaurant we end up at is called AleHouse, so it’s another hour and a half until food comes.

I swear, I’m never going out with Rabbi. Ever. Again.

2:00 AM!

Which means I was behind on my computer work schedule and was completely brain fried to begin with, so I completely forget what that I’m supposed to be hanging out with Lish and I work until like 8:00 am (stopping only to watch a beautiful sunrise come up over the ocean). And then I crashed until about 3pm.

I’m gathering my wits still. Cafepress is being a bitch. Everytime I try to upload one of these large files, it times out the session and forgets I uploaded it. It’s annoying.


[Listening to: Over and Over – Morcheeba – Big Calm (02:21)]
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