Quoted from SlashDot:Justice Department Proud of Patriot Act Slippery Slope
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frank_adrian314159 writes “Yahoo News is reporting that the DoJ has been using its increased powers under the US PATRIOT Act to pursue common criminals. DoJ Officials have been holding seminars on how to use increased wiretap powers against (non-terrorist) money launderers and drug dealers. One example in the article is the guy running a meth lab who’s now up for a life sentence for ‘manufacturing chemical weapons’ instead of the much shorter sentence he would have been facing under the current drug laws. Wonderful, huh? Who didn’t see this coming? Of course, you’re a law-abiding citizen, so you have nothing to worry about, right?Patriot Act II will allow any Federal agent to demand records from anyone who interacts with you, with no judicial oversight whatsoever.

This really concerns me. Listen to this: I have a friend in jail right now. He had his house raided up in NY because the police suspected him of running a meth lab out of his house. He was on probation for two years for a prior, but he had cleaned his life up as far as that went. When they raided his house, they took all his computers, they took anything that might be remotely used for cybercrimes, drug manufacturing, or anything at all they thought they might like to take home to the missus.

When it was all said and done, according to both my friend, the state police, and the sheriff’s department, there was nothing they could hold him for in jail except that he had some prescription medicine (Adavan) out of it’s bottle and in one of those Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday pill sorter things. Which technically is a felony. So they are holding him on a $30,000 cash bond since they heard on his wiretapped phones he might be moving down here to Florida soon, and considered him a flight risk.

As of this moment, he sits in jail in Albany, divorced (because of the ordeal and other personal issues), abandoned, and helpless.

This really concerns me.


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