I went a whole day without doing anything productive.
I’m trying to figure out how to do the title tag with this editor, but I think I will give up and just go to sleep. Just when I think I’m starting to get tired on a regular schedule, Krystin had to go and buy Meet Joe Black tonight, so we watched that mostrously long movie this evening.

Today, I did no work. I went and got some sun on the beach, played in the water, came in, played a new video game (Seige of Avalon — I’m in chapter two right now, and so far I give it only one thumb up, simply because it’s an RPG). Then Assaf Koubi came by. I helped him spell his client’s names right and then he went home. Watched Meet Joe Black. Typed a few replies in my comment box (yippee… it’s getting used now). And then I typed this and now I’m going to sleep. Good night.


[Listening to: Basket Case (acapella) – Rockapella – (03:19)]
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