I’m allowing myself to be brought down to this, yes.

The following comments were made in response to my entry here, that was posted 5:23 PM Sunday, September 14, 2003.

You wouldn’t need to “make peace with” me if you’d just give a quick phone call at the appropriate time. bear in mind that people ARE disappointed by your ditching them, regardless as to what your true self-opinion may proclaim.

this is twice in a row i’ve invited you over, & twice in a row you’ve neither followed through nor called to cancel/reschedule. it’s disrespectful, mark.

the fact that you posted to your website instead of mailing me is insult to injury.
lish, 09.14.2003, 4:07 pm

gee things really seem to be heating up between the two of you
matthew the unhumbled, 09.15.2003, 11:30 pm

Nothing like drama to drive up the hitcounter.
rizzn, 09.16.2003, 2:21 am

well, since you still haven’t written or at LEAST said something briefly apologetic on irc, i’ll just presume that drama & a vaguely fatter hit counter are more important to you than actual human interaction with friends. neat! see you around.
lish, 09.17.2003, 12:05 pm

To address why I haven’t written or at least said something briefly apologetic on IRC, perhaps it is because I take offense to your words. Do you not find it somewhat challenging to your core when someone insults your self-opinion? I might’ve written something in good time to apologize, but you waited only a scant hour before you decided to insult and berate me on my own website. Your modus operandi is not appreciated, and neither is your tone. One or the other isolated, I might’ve been able to tolerate, but the two combined added to the fact that you knew from reading the circumstances just prior to your response as to why I was unable to call prior to the “ditching” is what makes your pious reprimands come off ridiculous.

I spent too much time on this already. I’ve got better things to do with my life than make apologies for a situation that was not preventable nor my fault to ungrateful ears in response to a rebuking tongue.

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