Nanotechnology is finally getting noticed

See article. (my copy)

“Within 15 years, experts predict, it will drive progress in virtually every field, from computing to medicine, manufacturing, energy and the environment. They envision factories that build things atom by atom, materials with properties we can’t imagine today, sensors that can be scattered like dust and microscopic robots that cruise the bloodstream to deliver drugs or root out cancer.”

I’m glad to see nanotechnology starting to get recognized in things other than Ray Kurzweil books and science fiction. It wouldn’t be mainstream media, though, if they didn’t point out the ‘inherent dangers’ of the new technology before they extolled its virtues.

“In his 1986 book “Engines of Creation,” Palo Alto theorist K. Eric Drexler popularized the notion of building things atom by atom, using tiny, self-replicating machines. At the same time, he warned that these “molecular assemblers” could multiply out of control, forming a gray goo that destroys life on the planet.”

“Three years ago, Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy breathed new life into that notion with an essay in Wired magazine. He suggested that the world faces an unprecedented threat from a trio of technologies — nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotics — that have one thing in common: They are capable of producing things that make copies of themselves, and thus could evolve to become more powerful than humans.”

Nonetheless, the takeover of nanotechnology is inevitable, therefore it’s good that it’s notice is being taken, and it will only be a few short years before it moves out of the science section into the mainstream. I see that is a good thing, and I will be first in line to be turned into a foglet


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