Loud Berating Voice in my Head.
by Rizzn
I found this somewhere in the deep recesses of my collection of text files. I can only imagine it was some poetry I wrote while I was engaged to my ex a year or so ago. I dunno, it’s fairly cheesy, but I figured it was good for a laugh or two.

You always have the wrong decision
Waiting to be made
At just the right time.

If you could stop worrying about timing
And start worrying about the results of your actions,
Perhaps you would be more happy in life.

How could you even let yourself
Fall for him?
What sort of person lets themself
Cheat in their heart
When we were as serious as we were?

Quit making me sick in my helmet.

Maybe I should quit making myself sick.

Quit expecting love,
Unconditional, unbreakable,

Don’t expect,
Won’t dissappoint.

That’s how it works, chief.
Get with the program.
Get on board for the big loss.

[Listening to: One Angry Dwarf – Ben Folds Five – mix (03:53)]