April42089: back
April42089: did ya miss me?!
Unclespam21: yay!!
Unclespam21: yep;-)
rzndourdn: i cried.
April42089: :-Dgood
rzndourdn: because you were gone
April42089: im sure
Unclespam21: no he did
Unclespam21: he actualy wants 2 marry u
rzndourdn: it’s true
April42089: ok
April42089: i already have 5 husbands, whats 1 more?
Unclespam21: a hell of a honey moon
rzndourdn: Wow.
April42089: heh
Unclespam21: ha
rzndourdn: is unclespam one of your husbands?
April42089: yea
Unclespam21: :-!
Unclespam21: i thoght was only me and adina
April42089: nope, u were wrong
rzndourdn: so one of your husbands is a girl?
April42089: no, shes my wife
rzndourdn: oh!
April42089: got like 4 wives
rzndourdn: sweet sweet polygamy
April42089: lol
Unclespam21: ha whos the bitch?
Unclespam21: haha
rzndourdn: so do you ever get together with all of them and have orgies?
April42089: of course
April42089: sqeek
rzndourdn: *oils april’s hinge*
April42089: n english my teacher said not to talk and rite b4 that i said sqeek, so she looked at me and said…no squeeking ether
April42089: uh…my hinge doesnt need oiling thank u very much
rzndourdn: oh.
rzndourdn: i figured it did
rzndourdn: you were squeeking
April42089: no, no, no

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