I am starting to get hits on my hits on my website with the words FlyDLUX and FRAUD coming from Google. As an insider in the company, let me just put forth that FlyDLUX was always intended to be a legitimate company and if it continues to survive still intends to be a legitimate company. It has the unique opportunity to provide the public with a low cost alternative to international and first class air fare. The problems with the company and the reason we were unable to fulfill our duties to our customers is soley the fault of bad management, simply put. Key people within the company, already discussed on this website, were integral in the near demise of this company (and we aren’t out of the woods yet).

Strict management of time and funds is what is needed by diligent members of the management in this company (something I and Rick hope to oversee personally) to keep its nose clean and afloat.

Let me repeat – the management of FlyDLUX and it’s staff — to be specific: Mark Hopkins, Richard Rice, Lawrence Finkelstein, Barry Falber, Matthew Finkelstein, Krystin Lewis, and any other or employee contractor under this office’s employ — never intended to defraud anyone of their money. Any failure to deliver services was due to our strategic partner’s negligence, someone who technically has no ownership in the company, but has continually misappropriated funds we’ve paid him to purchase bulks of airline tickets.

Presuming our company is able to financially move forward this week, this person (previously discussed in this blog) has agreed to personally repay the monies to people that have been affected by his actions.

More on this news as it develops.


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