candy coated

sick corroded world

when all the lies told become unfurled

i want to vomit on the nameless, faceless

that left me so unsure,


now crushed beneath the pressure of insanity

this hollow pearl that was given me

leaves distorted

a vision once so clean

of how this life could be

” fuck you, a marvelous creation of god you are not’

these voices haunt me

“i will call in the powers that be and you will rot”

i’ve been feeling sickly

no, it can’t be

i think, i see.

i feel, i smell, i taste.

i can’t be

just a smear in time and space

what are we

this plague, this human race

born in a dream?

just a figment…

a stream of memories?

an idea,

forgotten or replaced?

wet machines

built to entertain.