I’m working on several original news stories that I will be posting here soon. I look forward to comments, questions, criticism and other assundrous comments from the peanut galleries on them.

If you do a search on the web for Factbook or Cyberwar (and perhaps couple it with rizzn in the keywords), you will come up with links all over the place to a series of articles I did in 2001 strongly tied with the Terrorism Factbook I compiled and the interview series I did for John Batchelor and Paul Alexander on WABC. To save you the time searching them, they are all archived here.

I intend to do an update three years later on these programs and how they are affected by the new Patriot Acts (one and the proposed second one). This means I’ll probably have to print out all one gazillion pages of the Patriot Act and actually read it top to bottom.

Furthermore, there’s a war a brewin’!

I pretty much alluded to this sort of thing happening in many of my OSINT posts not long ago. I also posted something here similarly on topic. Basically, the motivation to write this article is to toot my own prognosticating horn and to bank on it and make some more predictions in this arena. Stay tooned.


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