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“The police in South Korea – a country as mad about gaming as the UK is about football – report that of the 40,000 or so cybercrimes reported in the first six months of 2003, more than half (22,000) had something to do with online gaming. ”

Interesting article. Interesting in this case means “What in the @#%!?”

It’s a bit ambiguous from the article as to whether or not South Korea is actually considering legislating online theivery laws. The article either indicates one of two things: 1) the whole world (or S. Korea) has gone daft, or 2) the writer is an idiot.

I’ve played online games. I was an alpha tester for Ultima Online. Sure it sucks when someone screws up your character or takes a valuable item. Every time a PK happens, are they going to start talking about death penalties, though?

We are talking about games here people. The images on the page are the most interesting, especially in light of the captions.

“Does might make right in online games?” says one.

“It might be tricky getting a witness statement from a yeti,” advises another.

If this was in Oddly Enough or a humor newsletter, or the Onion, I’d shrug it off. But this was in the technology section of the BBC!

Good grief.