Why is it that a preponderance of the really popular blogs out there somewhat liberal activists in nature. Am I getting the wrong feel for what’s going on? Not sure. A lot of the blogs and feeds I have on my site are admittedly liberal in nature as well (memes.org readily comes to mind). I found another popular blogger named Olliver today who is fairly anti-Bush to say the least and liberalish in bent, from the cursory persuings of what I read today.

I don’t know. I mean, I’m not avidly pro-bush or anything. Heck, he ain’t my president, I voted for Buchannan. Yes, on purpose. I wasn’t a resident of Broward County back then, mind you.

At any rate, like I’ve said before, if anything these days, I’m completely apolitical. I keep up with the stuff, but to me, liberal, democrat, conservative, republican — they are all tainted words that represent the same side of two different coins. Somehow these days, in my apolitical state, it’s so off-putting to have rhetoric spewed at me from both sides when I know that the rhetoric they spew is flawed to its very core. There’s no need to be vitriolic. A democrat or a republican is not going to solve your problems. The problem is bi-partisan. They are all owned by the same lobbyists. They are all puppets of the same corporations. There is nothing that can be done from within the system to prevent it from leading us to it’s logical conclusion.

The sooner we realize this is the sooner we’ll prepare ourselves for what we really have to do to survive.

Trust me on this people. I’m never wrong with these things. I make prognostications about grand venues of public policy and high crime, and my instincts are always on the mark. No BS.

At some point here, I’m going to post my essays about the best logical form of government we could have. I’ve put a lot of thought into it, but I need to back it up with some hard data.

That being said, (having said nothing at all), am I crazy, or are all these damn bloggers anti-bush liberals?

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