I’ve been seeing a beautiful, intelligent, and fun girl a lot lately — and that’s been taking up some time.

Also, I’ve been fighting a battle for my $3500 with PayPal lately. I’m seriously irritated that they decided to seize my money, and I want to destroy them! Seriously! $3500 isn’t a lot of money, surely not one to start global thermonuclear warfare over, but I wouldn’t cry if the Chinese dropped an ICBM on their little warehouse in Southern California tomorrow! The audacity of just taking my money out of my account and saying they were going to hold it until they were satisfied the company I got it from was legitimate. Seriously. What do I care? It’s my money now.


There has to be some legal recourse. If I don’t recieve my money in the next 3 days, I’m going to start a legal chain of events that will make Paypals silly little heads spin.


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