The following is a letter to one of our clients, but it serves as a general response to what we are now dealing with in the office. If you are one of the people attempting to prosecute or sue FlyDLUX in relation to what is going on, you would do well to read this. It was penned by our president, Lawrence E. Finkelstein.

I understand and appreciate your anger & frustration. I regret that we were and remain unable to fufill your flight needs. As for Flydlux,com, Inc., it paid for your tickets and thousands of others, that were not delivered to us. Booking agents in and around Washington, D.C. are still holding both our money and our tickets, thereby making it impossible for us to either fly people or make refunds at this time. Neither Lida Travel, Inc. nor James Wimmer have provided us with tickets that their own receipts show we paid for. We are currently working with our lawyers to compell these vendors to deliver our tickets so that we can make our clients whole, including you. Through our attorneys, we have had issued both criminal & civil subpoenas in diverse jurisdictions and will continue vigourously pressing for your refund – and ours.

As for the lack of response to your calls & notes, kindly understand that we have had no money with which to pay staff. So, it has been my unfortunate responsibility to act alone in these matters. Mark Hopkins & Richard Rice are volunteering to assist with the prosecution of all claims.

One of the vendors with whom we are negotiating, James Wimmer, claims that he will be flying our clients upon 30 days advanced booking. If you wish to avail yourself of these tickets, you may do so by phone between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on week days, or by return email. Otherwise, you will simply have to wait until we collect before we can provide any refund.

We are truly sorry for the disruption and inconvenience. We are doing our best to recover from this catastrophe and will work with you to make you whole. In the meantime, be assured that we will keep you fully informed.

Lawrence E. Finkelstein

President,, Inc.

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