I have been very busy working on two things here in Albany — first and foremost taking up my time has been resolving the conflict that exists between the Kollel (a Jewish investment group, as best I can tell) and FlyDLUX.

I am just about ready to throw up my hands and tell the world I’ve never heard of FlyDLUX before. Everything we touch gets so convoluted. It should really be quite simple. We take money for tickets, we pay it to Tony/Lida/the Airlines. We deliver tickets.

Somewhere along the line things got messed up and everyone’s credibility got ruined, and I don’t know where to begin to start fixing things.

I want to go up to Washington D.C. and sit with Tony’s bank statements, a computer, and calculate everything, collate everything, and clear everyone’s name. This action would go a long way towards clearing Tony’s name and re-establishing trust between FlyDLUX and him. This relies on two things, however — a) Rabbi Finkelstein okaying the proposition, and b) Tony okaying the proposition.

Rabbi Finkelstein would vetoe it likely because funds are tight and he doesn’t want to spend the money on a futile task. Tony might vetoe it if he has something to hide.

Chances are it won’t happen at all. If it did, and it went the way I think it will, it will lead me down the path of who to audit next. I believe that person to be Lida Benham, the individual who actually fulfilled our tickets for us.

Getting her to submit to an audit would be a tough thing, but if she believes there’s nothing to hide, she should likely do so as well. After the audit of her, we will truly determine where all the money went.

That’s all the chunk of data I’m willing to process for the moment. Where will I get funding to perform these audits? How do I go about getting the requisite permission for these audits? These are questions that I will have to ponder at a later time. Or, if anyone of you have any answers to these questions, I certainly welcome them. I will be calling a couple of my advisors on this and other matters directly, but I certainly welcome comments from the peanut gallery.

I also got a chance to see my buddy Derrick today. He looked haggard but was desparately trying to keep his spirits up. He really is being railroaded on this and he entered a plea two days ago, despite all contrary information I heard coming up here.

He really didn’t do anything. All they found on his property was between 1-40 grams of cough medicine, and some metal tubing. They put that together and said he was going to manufacture meth. His landlady dropped dime on him because she found a couple cold and cough medicine empty packages in his backyard trashcan.

It’s sad. He’s looking at max two years, although there is the outside chance he could get time served. His lawyers lazy as hell (what do you expect from a public defender). My contacts are going to try to contact a Federal Judge to achieve some kind of leniency in his case, as it is desparately needed.

I’m worn out all over and I’m going back to the work at hand, but this is where and what I’m up to at this point. Good day!

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