Tired Guy
I’m super tired guy. I’ve not got a lot of sleep since I’ve returned, and I haven’t had a lot of personal time for my projects or general life-housekeeping (like responding to emails, parents, phone calls, etc) … a lot of catchup work. The good news is, they may lead to money if I can keep myself focused.

The bad news is, for me anyways, my buddy Rick might be moving back to Texas permanently by week’s end. I’m a bit unhappy about this, but what can I do.

I’d like to expound a bit more about stuff, but I’m tired and I’ve miles to go before I sleep.

If anyone knows how to convert .rm files to anything but .rm files and would like to help me get some sleep tonight, please message me — that’s what I absolutely have to do before sleepytime is get these .rm files converted for a presentation to some investors by tomorrow morning.