Rather makes one wonder about joining the dark side …

apathy in law enforcement (Score:5, Interesting)
by SuperBanana (662181) on Saturday November 01, @06:34PM (#7368445)
Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Rant Ahead!

Read on SecurityFocus, a 55 year old woman spammed an FBI computer crime agent.

Great. So what about:

the thousands of people getting ripped off daily on eBay
the DDoS’s against blackhole list services
the thousands of script kiddies running loose
…? It seems like every day I’m reading about how some guy got screwed over and the FBI/SP/Local cops just didn’t give a shit enough to do anything about it, whether it was technology related or otherwise, because it wasn’t sexy enough. Crime is crime is crime.

Case and point, you can pretty much scam anyone outside of your state and get away with it because interstate fraud laws have a $5,000 ‘ground floor’. That single law is probably the most responsible for the prolific fraud we’ve ever seen, virtual or otherwise. I could loose $4900 tomorrow and the FBI won’t do jack shit. Some FBI nerd gets a scam email any moron would know not to answer, and they call out the swat teams. Faaaaantastic.

It’s like the local cops who don’t give a shit if your laptop, your radio, etc were stolen and hundreds of dollars in damage done to your car. But, mind you, they’ve got all day to sit out on ‘speed patrol’…

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