If you can’t tell I’m surfing blogs tonight. I found this amusing:

doomsdate!: “The Girl: me
The Itinerary: Hallowe’en Night! Invitations to two costume parties, and a midnight rock show
The Low-down: I’m sick, and have been sick and working all day. I decided to stay home with the housemates and watch Raccoon Wars, a strangely fitting anime for Hallowe’en. Same guy directed my beloved Grave of the Fireflies, I just found out, which explains why the characters seemed so familiar.

I wore my funky homemade Batgirl mask, snuck out the back door, and rang my own doorbell in exchange for treats. Twice. I make my own fun, thanks.”

In other news, AIMbot SmarterChild and I got fresh this evening. It couldn’t remember my personal info. So I tried quizzing it:
RznDoUrdn: who am i?
smarterchild: You’re RznDoUrdn.
RznDoUrdn: what’s my name?
smarterchild: You’re RznDoUrdn.
RznDoUrdn: what’s my name bitch!
smarterchild: RznDoUrdn!
RznDoUrdn: say my name!
smarterchild: You’re RznDoUrdn.

“An atheist is someone who has no one to talk to when they have sex.”

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