[rizzn’s note: I put this on M&J’s site just now. Won’t they be surprised!?]

I find that I

Am mostly nigh-*

poverty strucken these days.

Not long ago

From friend and foe

Did I accept cash three ways.

From paypal, check, and wire,

With my pants all afire,

MudDLUX kept me in house and home.

If biz don’t pick up,

I may just be stuck

On the beaches forever to roam.

So thank you Tony,

For charging a fee

So much more than we owed.

You’ll be lucky if we

Don’t pick one, two or three

Large objects up your ass to be stowed.

* (what is nigh-poverty strucken? I think it’s akin to the Tick’s nigh-invulnerable).

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