Derrick in Albany Update
levontaun: Derrick told his mom last night that he was going to be in for 6 years
rizzn.geo: holy crap
rizzn.geo: he’s had his sentencing already?
levontaun: I dunno
rizzn.geo: hold on, I’ll call albany and figure out what’s going on.
levontaun: that’s just what he told his mom
rizzn.geo: this is going to take a while.
rizzn.geo: long conversationl.
levontaun: okay
rizzn.geo: alrighty.
rizzn.geo: i called albany.
rizzn.geo: the rabbi is out of pocket, was on the phone with his wife.
rizzn.geo: she’s going to call him, he probably won’t find anything out until tomorrow.
rizzn.geo: but as soon as he does, he’ll call me.
levontaun: Okay.

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