Googlism for Rizzn
rizzn is a big pimp
rizzn is tired, he tried yoga yesterday
rizzn is the guy who designs the pages and edits the entries for grammar and takes care of promotion and owns the domain
rizzn is our typical computer geek
rizzn is a cool guy
rizzn is crashed out
rizzn is one cool [shut yo mouth?]

Googlism for FlyDLUX
flydlux is the answer to all my travel dreams
flydlux is not a scam
flydlux is what’s referred to as a ticket broker

Googlism for HOVTOL
hovtol is to take advantage of certain gyroscopic forces where other aircraft have to try to overcome them as is the case with the bell v
hovtol is also designed to take off horizontally and vertically from an airstrip
hovtol is equipped with twin high power engines it will be capable of both vertical and horizontal flight even if one engine is non

Googlism for Bill Gates
bill gates is not just a genius with computers
bill gates is just the baddest mofo ever
bill gates is not the only one who needs to think about antitrust
bill gates is quite possibly the anti
bill gates is not happy because he cannot buy linux just like he has bought every other good peice of software that has come out
bill gates is the best ceo this country ever hadbill gates is ceo of microsoft corporation and author of the road ahead
bill gates is betting that you want an alarm clock that knows your schedule and can wake you in time for that 9 o’clock meeting
bill gates is william henrybill gates is “biggest mac supporter at microsoft” by bryan chaffin
bill gates is scheduled to testify in antitrust case in dc
bill gates is saving india from linux
bill gates is smiling
bill gates is the devil
bill gates is on the bus
bill gates is darth vader
bill gates is the antichrist
bill gates is sharing his fortune
bill gates is a satanic worshiper who uses microsoft

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