From: Hen Solo
Subject: [GP] SG on Brak Show

Well, I figured somebody should comment on SG’s appearance on “The Brak Show” Sunday. I thought it was pretty funny and in-character for SG. I guess we now know what he’s been doing during his talk show hiatus.

Between programs they also showed pics from a Williams Street webcam party that they apparently had the week before, although I didn’t know about it. And then there was Andy’s weird little puppet show!

Less than two weeks to the SGC2C DVD release! WooHoo! (According to, has the best price. Anybody used them? I’ve always been happy with but they’re three bucks higher for this DVD.)

And one more thing. According to that announcement way back in the summer we’re supposed to get some new C2Cs pretty soon. So far the posted schedule only goes to Nov. 16 so keep your pincers crossed!

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