AUSA: Trend Is Towards Rotary Wing UAV
23/10/2002 02:17

Army aviation officials prefer a rotary wing type of UAV to be the companion for the Comanche in the new Objective Force.

‘We would favour that,’ said Col Bob Birmingham, Comanche program manager. ‘I think it will be a rotary wing one,’ concurred Maj Gen Mark Curran, head of the Army Aviation Center at ft Rucker, Ala.

Meanwhile, sources say the ATI/SAIC Vigilante UAV is likely to win the nod as a concept test bed for the new unmanned/manned team asset. The Vigilante – demonstrated successfully in public last week (see item on , Oct 9) – is proving stable and to have necessary payload for such a mission. That’s not to say a fixed wing UAV is ruled out, warns Curran. However, he said, ‘it has to live with us, be down in the weeds, and operate the way we operate.’ The views were expressed during the recent Association of the U.S. Army convention in Washington DC.

-David S. Harvey


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