Disney Does Digital, Ditches Drawings

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May Kasahara writes “This is something which has been the talk amongst animators for the past couple of weeks: Walt Disney Feature Animation is in the process of halting all work on traditionally-animated features and going completely CG. Supposedly, all of their animators— even staunch traditionalists such as Glenn Keane— are being trained on 3D computer animation techniques. The last hand-drawn high-budget Disney feature scheduled for release is Home on the Range, which is due out next April. It appears that Disney is bowing to the supposed pressures of the market, even though the hand-drawn Lilo and Stitch was considered a success and the all-CG Dinosaur (done at Disney’s now-defunct FX house The Secret Lab) was not. However, I believe there’s another factor at work: Pixar‘s contract with Disney is set to expire soon, and the revered CG house has been making their own demands of Disney for the contract’s renewal.”

Disney Digital? Dangerous. – by Dominic_Mazzoni (Score: 5, Funny) Thread
‘Dotters discuss Disney. 
Disney ditching drawing? Digital Disney? Dumb. 
Donald Duck doesn’t do dimensions. Dumbo doesn’t. Dalmations don’t. Drawings darling. Drawings delight. 
Dinosaur dimensionful — Dinosaur dumb. Duh. 
Disney’s dangerous decision dooms Disney’s deliverables! Defines Disney’s decay, death. 
Don’t deify dimensionality. Deceptive. 
– Dominic 

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