OSINT: Shocking images shame US forces

[Rizzn’s Note: I’m sure this actually does cause international outrage — but consider the source, Americans. This is coming from Al-Jazeera, aka the Bin Laden Network. My guess is the story that goes with these pictures is not the one told in the article.]

[Mike Lee’s Note: This latest series of pictures was sent to US military headquarters Centcom in Florida for a comment. Major David Farlow warned Aljazeera.net not to publish the pictures on this site…….”It would be irresponsible. I can’t second guess what has happened here without knowing all the facts but US forces operating in Iraq have to use the appropriate level of restraint to the mission. Story accompanied by photos of U.S. soldiers in full battle gear, tying the hands of a 3 ft. tall girl, a 4 ft. tall boy, a woman. Caption really should have been: “U.S. GI’s, with the IQ of small barnyard animals, pose for Islamist propaganda photo.” ]

A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage.

[ Al Jazeera ]

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