[ Rizzn’s Note: This was grabbed directly from a only mildly disturbing story on Slashdot about the UN ending up with jurisdiction over the internet. What inevitably ensues with such flamebait news stories is a flamewar of patriotism and sovereignty. Interestingly, on SlashDot, being populated by mostly inteligentia, it didn’t degenerate into mindless drivel (at least not with my moderator settings turned on). Below is the culmination of the end of the discussion, edited and pasted together at my whim. ]

God Bless America, with the worst crime levels in the first world

Where even criminals have civil rights. (UK exceeds the US in all crime areas, except murder)

God Bless America, where “democracy” means a rich, white male as President

Unlike Europe, where “democracy” means a rich, white male as Prime Minster.

God Bless America, so happy to violate international laws

When those laws are put together by the dictator’s club called the UN, you bet. You know, the place that puts Syria and Libya on the “human rights committee”?

God Bless America, where “freedom of speech” means race-hate groups like KKK

Where freedom of speech applies to EVERYBODY, even the ones with unpopular causes. Hint: popular causes don’t NEED freedom of speech.

God Bless America, with barely 300 years of dire history and culture

Hint: we’re still on our first Republic. France is on their fifth, with intervening Reigns of Terror, anarchy, kings, emperors, and Nazi collaborationist regimes.

Hint: our popular culture dominates the world. Deal with it.

God Bless America, with the highest obesity levels in the developed world

Where food is so cheap that even the poorest can (over)eat.

God Bless America, wasting billions to attack foreign countries

They’re ours to “waste”, Saddam-lover.

God Bless America, and its massive and ever-growing poverty gap

You can’t earn your money while sitting on the couch. Your unemployment benefits won’t make you rich.

God Bless America, because corporations should be allowed to run amok

If your definition of amok is “without crippling restrictions” then yes, God Bless America.

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