I really don’t like how they portrayed me as a liar — FlyDLUX piece portrays me as some sort of a crook — I’m not a crook.

Neither is Rabbi. I’m faxing, this evening, a list of the customers we actually flew, and maybe a photocopy of my genitalia. I’m a little perturbed by her unbalanced report.

Okay — I’ve had time to think about this report, and soak it in, and watch it a second time. I really feel insulted. There are a number of facts that were completely wrong and reported incorrectly. First of all, we issued a refund to Yoram Maimoni (the jeweler in the report) if memory serves. Second of all, from the time of the report until it’s airing (a time span of several months) we have issued no tickets, nor have we sold any. This is because we knew we couldn’t deliver. We couldn’t deliver because a man by the name of James Anthony Wimmer took all our money, and never delivered tickets we could sell. We have paid Mr. Wimmer right around a million dollars — and we haven’t recieved this fabled block of “3500 tickets” he was supposed to deliver to us to sell.

I am hurt and afraid this will permanently damage my reputation as a businessman — look at my bio. I’m a respectable fellow. I’ve got a lot of big accomplishments. This report is almost purely slander. If I come up with the time to think about dealing with this, it will be more widely and publicly addressed.


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