The, Inc Grand Send Off

Well, I really don’t have a minute to do an update, but I’m going to do one anyways. I’m taking a break (as the picture indicates) from the rigors of moving. Yes folks I’m moving. Don’t get excited, I’m not moving to Texas just yet (although I will be coming back for a visit during the holidays). Well, down to what this update is about.

FlyDLUX is being featured tonight on Miami’s CBS4 tonight — the lead video showed Rabbi going into his apartment. I’m watching the news now — they haven’t gotten to the segment yet, but I’m sure they’ll be using part of the segment where they interviewed me, and we’ll see how badly they twist my words. The lady who interviewed me was very cordial and presented it as if she was going to present a balanced report, but that’s already not panning out as the title of the report indicates that it won’t. I’ll post an addendum to this post after the report airs.

Where am I moving to? I’m moving within the area. If we were such a fraud, how come I don’t have money to pay rent? Simply put, because we aren’t a fraud. I haven’t been paid by since the third week I’ve been in Florida. As to the cause of this problem, pay attention to this website. We are going to the FBI and the appropriate DA’s and AG’s offices this week.

I just know our phones will be ringing off the hook this evening. I hope this doesn’t ruin my reputation. I’m as much a victim of this as all these purported victims interviewed by Robin Lish or Dish or whatever her name is.


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