[ Rizzn’s Note: the article makes no mention as to why we would affect such a policy. It really makes no sense at all. In a time when we are creating this nuke the moon persona for our country, why would we want to let up even a little bit to a country like Libya, where there is clear evidence they are a nation of terrorism (unlike countries like Iraq and Iran, their policies are obfuscated in the fine print of their country’s legislation).]

OSINT: U.S. may ease travel ban to Libya

Ahead of an upcoming deadline, the United States may depart from its customary full-year extension of a two-decade old policy that attempts to prevent Americans from traveling to Libya, Bush administration officials say.

INSTEAD, THE OFFICIALS say a much shorter extension — possibly 90 days — is possible to reflect changed circumstances.

In the recent past, the United States has lifted prohibitions on use of U.S. passports to travel to Iran and Lebanon. Libya is now the only country where the U.S. government applies such a restriction.


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