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Farscape is Back

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cioxx writes FilmForce has substantiated rumors of Farscape, widely popular TV miniseries, returning as a standalone project with no new episode commitment attached, independent of Sci-Fi Channel.” Previously, some rumors had been flying around that the original series would be finished off in this way, but many Farscape fans are just happy to see more of the show on the way.

Re:“Widely popular” – by TTMuskrat (Score: 4, Informative) Thread
If it was widely popular, why does it have to be resurrected?  
Because its cancellation was all about money and ownership of the show, not its popularity. (Kinda like the original Battlestar Galatica). 
SciFi Channel (owned by USA networks) did not own the rights to the show as it was made by the Jim Henson company (who is owned by a German conglomerate whose name escapes me now). When the USA network changed leadership, they wanted shows that they made and produced to be shown so that all the monies from said show would go to them. Since this was not the case with Henson-owned Farscape, and the fact that the show was not cheap to make, USA (and SciFi) opted out of the 5th season. So now, all you get is USA network made crap programming on the SciFi channel as if the entire USA Network itself wasn’t bad enough ;). 


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