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Kasparov Wins Game 3 Against X3D Fritz
by timothy (30% noise)
Vulcao writes “Garry Kasparov just brilliantly won game 3 in the Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz chess match, which pits man against machine. Kasparov created a positional advantage on the queen side with a very strong pawn structure to which Fritz didn’t have an answer. The result is now 1.5 – 1.5, and the last game will be this Tuesday, Nov. 18.”

maybe Kasparov should be an Action Ranger
by dandelion_wine (Score: 5, Funny) Thread
Al Gore: You already know Stephen Hawking. Also with us is Nichelle Nichols a.k.a. Commander Uhura. 
Nichols: Incoming transmission from MCI one rate department. It sounds like a limited time offer. 
Gore: Tell them I’m in the tub! To my left you’ll recognise Gary Gygax, inventor of dungeons and dragons. 
Gygax: Greetings! It’s a…[rolls dice.]…pleasure to meet you! 
Gore: And our summer intern, Deep Blue. The world’s foremost chess playing computer. 
Deep Blue: Bishop to knight 4. 
Gore: Not all missions can be solved with chess, Deep Blue. Someday you’ll understand that.

Is Fritz learning?
by LostCluster (Score: 5, Interesting)
Does Fritz learn from today’s defeat… or could Kasparov repeat today’s win simply by repeating today’s move sequence on Tuesday?


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