How to not get fired from your job from – Blogger keeps posting these interesting news articles — how to not get fired from your job from your blog postings or what to do if your mom finds your blog. These are interesting articles that I would have looked for in the Onion a few years ago, but are actually relevant news items today. Weird that truth is stranger than fiction, yes? How long till our news headlines are either completely divorced from reality only to keep our sense of sanity and familiarity to entertain us.

Regardless, I did watch Matrix Revolutions last night. Despite what many people might say, I honestly believe that if you are a true believer, you catch the drift and were not dissappointed. I can see how the fairweather fans were disappointed simply because the format of the movie appeared on the surface to be more of an action flick. This, however, hid within the fast and furious action moments many recurring characters and a culmination of the different motifs at play within the entire trilogy. The Christ Motif was most apparent, but of course hidden beneath all that was the Erisian motif (discordian), the OT Motif (old testament), the Hindi and Eastern motifs all coming together into what essentially could be interpreted as a very complex one world-ian type intellectual religion.

I need to analyze it a few more times in my mind before I come out with a very definitive review, but needless to say there was enough meet within the movie to keep me chewing on it for a while… so it was definately worth the price of admission (although I didn’t pay for admission, thank you my love for the wonderful gift of the ticket).