I up and got a day job. I’m working at A Affordable Credit Services as their Chief Network Guy (CNG). Basically I’m doing all the computer stuff that the COO doesn’t have time to do anymore. They seemed anxious to have me on here, and they do appear to be a pretty cool office to work at.

The Radio Project has some serious movement. Sunday, there is a scheduled meeting with the French investors who want to put up the money for it — they seem to be leaning heavily toward a yes. You could be talking to a potentially very rich Rizzn soon. We’ll see, though. I’ve heard this song and dance before, and we’ll see what actually pans out of it. I hope to be very pleasantly surprised with a check on Sunday.

In other news, my mind is in blah blah mode as I get back my net-legs. It’s been a while since I’ve had an unmetered connection to the internet, so I’m pretty happy about that. I should probably get back to doing something productive though, so ttfn and all that.


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