[ Rizzn’s Note: It’s more likely that the network technician thought that they would never be missed and wanted to upgrade his home network. I mean how badass would nine high-capacity disks from LANL be to have on your network? ]

Los Alamos Employees Placed On Leave After Security Gaffe
Tue Dec 23 @ 19:00
Source: Internet Week
Los Alamos National Laboratory employees and managers have been placed on paid investigative leave as a result of security problems that surfaced at the lab earlier this month, a lab spokesman confirmed Friday. The trouble stems from missing storage devices, which may or may not have been properly destroyed. Officials said earlier this month that they can’t account for a high-capacity disk and nine diskettes used at the lab. Spokesman Kevin Roark said laboratory officials won’t say how many employees have been placed on investigatory leave The gaffe is yet another embarrassing security lapse involving the loss of electronic storage devices. While some of the disks were marked classified, the “initial laboratory review indicates that national security was not jeopardized by this incident,” the lab said in a statement issued Dec. 9. An independent federal analysis of the incident is expected.

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